The Random Rangers in

The Adventure of the Good Piano

Chapter 1 - The New Case

The Rangers are in their tree waiting for a caper. Chip is reading a Sureluck Jones story. Dale is sleeping, dreaming about cupcake. Gadget is fixing an invention, a rodent-sized dish washer.. Monty is telling a tale about his quest for the mystic provolone teddy bear. Zipper is flying. Without warning, they noticed an item in the paper, telling them that Rat Capone had stolen the Good Piano!
"We have to stop Rat Capone and destroy the Good Piano, or else he probably plans to get a wonderful ear of potency!" Chip said. So they went questing for Rat Capone and the Good Piano.
Meanwhile, in the subway system, Rat Capone explained his plan to his minions. "My plan is to to corner the world supply of cupcake ", explained Rat Capone. Being dumb, they asked if he also planned to enslave all zebras now that he had the Good Piano. Rat Capone said that he would not, because it was a moronic idea. They all laughed menacingly.

Chapter 2 - The Search

The rangers were looking for any sign the Good Piano or Rat Capone.

Chip looked around the Ranger Tree. The Ranger Tree is dirty. Dale went to a city street. The street is gridlocked. Dale wanders around the place and searches for clues. He is distracted by seeing a camera. Dale found a clue pointing to the subway system. Gadget went to the subway system. The subways are home to mole people. Fat Cat is there. Snout is there. Bubbles is there. Rat Capone is there. Mole is there. Gadget spies on Rat Capone, holding the Good Piano. Gadget goes unnoticed. Monty traveled to professor Nimnul's laboratory. Nimnul's laboratory creeks with hateful projects. Monty searches the place for clues. Monty found fragments of a camera , but didn't know what it meant. Zipper searched the bank. The bank, adjacent a Pet Store, is ice with excitement. Zipper spies around the joint. Zipper sees nothing of interest.

So the Rangers detected the location of the Good Piano.

On the way back to the Ranger's tree, Dale is caught in a a dangerous codpiece trap baited with a first edition hateful Man comic laid by Rat Capone's minions. Thankfully, Zipper noticed this happening and hurried to help him. Zipper with difficulty extracted Dale from out of the baleful trap and back to headquarters.

Everyone gathered back at the Ranger Tree.

"I'm critically hurt caused by injuries inflicted by Rat Capone's fiendish attack ! ", Dale complained. "I really hope it isn't a mortal wound!"

Monty looked at Dale's body. " Great scott, that looks really bad, ", Monty said. Thankfully, Monty had attempted many liver transplants as an amateur surgeon during the time he looked for cheese in Iraq. "A chipmunk's ovaries are connected to theheart , right Chip?", wondered Monty. Dale was knocked out by Monty. "Come on, Dale, stay with us, the team can't do it without your fashion sense!", Monty demanded. When Dale regained conciousness and insisted on seeing a real doctor, Dale's condition improved. Gadget thinks up a plan. Gadget suggests - build a mirror to disable Rat Capone, and subsequently capture the Good Piano. Chip approached Zipper.

"I especially am noticing your adorable red sweater , Zipper", said Chip.

Zipper buzzed with joy.

"I really am hearing a lot about your take charge personality , Chip", said Zipper.

"I am pleased to know that, Zipper", replied Chip. "I was afraid you could never get over my pathetic excuse for a tail "

Their conversation was finished by their leaving to infiltrate Rat Capone and rescue the Good Piano.

Chapter 3 - The Battle

Reaching the subway system, they initiate their attack. Fat Cat is gravely wounded. Snout is greviously injured. Bubbles is slightly wounded. Rat Capone is severely wounded. Rat Capone collapses, screaming "Ow! The pain!" Mole is wounded.

Fat Cat missed Gadget. Snout swatted Monty. Monty is only very slightly harmed. Bubbles missed Zipper. Mole hit Dale. Dale is gravely wounded. Chip hastily thought up a further plan. "Monty! Confuse Rat Capone with some trash talk!",Chip ordered. "Zipper! Rat Capone's back his is one weakness!", Chip suggested. Chip battles Fat Cat. Fat Cat is severely hurt. Monty hurls a nearby pants at Fat Cat. Fat Cat is maybe mortally injured. Fat Cat collapses, screaming "Oy! The agony!" Zipper goes to attack Fat Cat, but he is already dead. And so, with Rat Capone incapacitated, they got the Good Piano and escaped.

Chapter 4 - Epilogue

Although difficult they had triumphed and ensured that the Good Piano was out of Rat Capone's hands forever. Chip and Zipper were married in a quiet ceremony and lived happily.

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